Planning A Wedding?

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Browse the sweetest secrets to make planning your special day beyond magical...

If you’ve just donned that dazzling engagement ring, massive heart-felt congratulations! You are now at the helm of what promises to be a breathtaking adventure —planning the most monumental day of your life, your wedding. 

At The Bliss Barn, we’re absolutely ecstatic to be part of your journey to the aisle. Your special day’s as precious to us as it is to you! We live to make your moments unforgettable and to ensure that the planning process stays as joyous as the day itself; we’ve packed our go-to tips for the bride-to-be below – they’re as essential as your something blue! Let’s keep you blissfully serene in the lead-up to your “I do’s.” 

P.S. We promise this will be fun – because wedding planning should be a walk in the dreamy rose garden of your happily ever after!

Start early

Like tending to a delicate rose garden, your wedding blossoms with thoughtful care and time. The earlier you start, the more vibrant your arrangements will be. The same goes with color themes, small magical touches to create the ambiance of love, and so much more! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your perfect wedding won’t be planned in one, either!

Create a budget

Your Party’s BFF: A budget isn’t a joy-restricting bandit; it’s your financial compass, helping you navigate towards those moments that truly matter. Wave tulle with financial fierceness as you decide where you’d like to splurge with pleasure on your big day!

Delegate like an elegant pro

Honey, it’s a team effort to plan a wedding and ensure you can truly enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime event (your wedding) to the max! Enlist the A-team of your friends and family and create a support system. Why? Because just like you’re a visionary leading bride-to-be, each of your tribe members has an essential behind-the-scenes role so they can help you shine like the diamond you are!

Personalize & realize

Your big day transforms magically when it reflects the unique interplay of two individual universes- yours and your beloved’s. Are you tech gurus? Consider a digital-themed invite! Are you food-fusion fanatics? Infuse your menu with your favorite cultural cuisines! Remember, even with a budget, you can create a wedding that represents who you both are today and happily ever after!

Talk to your vendors like you talk to your love

It’s a dance of shared visions, expectations, and co-creation. Think of your vendors as artisans crafting your very own love legacy. Regular kind-loving communication, even if things might be intense with tight deadlines, means every tango step and waltz is in perfect harmony for the grand reveal.

Cherish your Blend of calm & crazy

Wedding planning sometimes feels like riding the tallest rollercoaster with your legs dangling while wearing flip-flops. So, do some loop-de-loops with yoga sessions, a getaway, a movie-theme girl’s night, or crafting date nights. It’s marrying self-care with those growing to-do lists.

Embrace the chaos & kiss the skies

This one-of-a-kind journey we call ‘wedding planning’ maps your love story onto every detail, from choosing the perfect napkin fold to choreographing the first dance. Laugh at the little missteps, dance in the downtime, and never lose sight of the real purpose — celebrating your love with a dash of your unique essence!

From here, the path forward is paved with promise. A winding, wondrous path leading straight to your fairy tale come true! If you have questions, we are here every step of the way and just one connection away!

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