Magical Moments Guaranteed

Invest in an unforgettable beginning

Dreaming of a day as boundless as your love?

At Bliss Barn, we merge the allure of the countryside with the heart of romance to create a day that’s as unforgettable as your story. And the best part? It’s easier than waving a magic wand! Here’s your 3-step crystal path to saying “I do” at one of the most enchanting, and affordable, venues in the Nebraska area.

1. Schedule a heart-to-heart chat!

Ready to dive in with a fabulous chit-chat to kickstart your wedding wonders? We’re ready to discuss all the awe-inspiring, love-soaked details that’ll make your big day the stuff of legends! The first step is reaching out to our team, so we can start creating the magic!

We’ll be sure to light the way to all things regarding Bliss Barn and our processes for your perfect wedding day.

As curious minds with open hearts, we love answering every query, providing clarity where it is needed, and, of course, sharing giggles along the way!

Not to sure you are ready to connect? No worries, we know the big moments in life take some time and consideration. Continue browsing below and learn about the other 2 steps in our process when you are considering booking our wedding venue to celebrate your elegant love story!

2. Embark on an enchanted tour!

The blissful saga of your forever starts with a whimsical wander through our enchanting Bliss Barn. Imagine it: a place where every nook brims with the promise of love, and every square foot dances with dreams come true!

With joy bubbling up at the thought, we wholeheartedly extend an invite to you and your beloved to join us for an on-site tour that’s truly otherworldly. Feel the sacred energy of adoration in every beam of wood and blade of grass, marveling at how they glimmer just for you two soulmates.

Want to bring your inner circle along? Oh, we say, “The more the merrier!” Your nearest and dearest are welcome to bask in the charm of our heartland haven. With each step on our cobblestone paths, breathe in the fragrant, hay-kissed breeze and let your imagination run wild with visions of your perfect wedding day, set amid our rustic radiance. We’re not just offering a tour, dear friends — this is the beginning of your once-upon-a-time. Let’s sashay into your happily ever after with open arms and eager hearts at Bliss Barn!

3. Secure your date with a dash of sparkle (aka your deposit)!

And for the grand finale, make it official! With a swoosh of your pen, your date is penciled in, and your dream wedding is set to become a reality. Pay your rental fee deposit, and watch as we spin the Bliss Barn magic to tailor a wedding and celebration that’ll have everyone talking about it for years to come.

Feeling eager to soak up a bit more of that Bliss Barn sparkle before we gab away? Oh, we get it – those heart-fluttering decisions about where to weave your love story into the tapestry of forever aren’t made on whimsy alone! Keep scrolling, my dearest, and you’ll uncover more about our wedding venue that’ll have you swooning over the idea of celebrating your chic and charming union right here with us.

Embrace the Enchantment: Bliss Barn's Exclusive Haven Awaits

Where wedding dreams and Nebraska nature dance together ...

Friday Weddings

Saturday Weddings

Sunday Weddings

Exclusive Two Day Rental Offer

A Pretty Sweet Perk Of Choosing A Friday

You have the option to add Thursday from 3:00 – 9:00 pm to your Friday rental for a $1,000 Thursday rental fee.

Decorate, rehearse, & have your rehearsal dinner onsite. If you add Thursday to a Friday rental you’re getting two days for the same investment as a Saturday.

This is a great option for many of our couples!

Weekday rentals (Non-holiday Tuesday – Thursday’s) are $3,500. Holiday weekends are $6,500.

Our Stunning Bridal Suite

You can ignite your wedding day with the beauty of dawn in our romantic bridal sanctuary

Envision your wedding day touched by the morning sun’s gentle glow, the atmosphere rich with serene and whimsical vibes, creating a sanctuary for you and your bridal party starting at 9 am. In these invaluable moments, as each delicate pearl is expertly placed and every strand of hair perfectly styled, the opening chapter of your love story is tenderly crafted. Nestled within the refined luxury of the Bliss Barn bridal suite, offered to you with our compliments, you’ll begin your day enveloped in elegance. For those desiring to savor every minute of this special morning, we offer the option to welcome you into the bridal suite as early as 7 am, allowing the luxury of time to be on your side for an additional hourly fee.

The Fiancé Get Ready Room

As your groom stands on the cusp of a significant life chapter, we felt he also needed a space tailored just for him and his tribe. This Groom Suite features an air of sophistication and offers a serene backdrop for contemplation, camaraderie, and connection. Here, amidst the comfort and elegance, your Groom will don his wedding attire, share moments of reflection with his groomsmen, and ready himself to confidently stride towards your future. 

The Groom Suite is not simply a space, but a stage for the beginning of your legacy. 

The Majestic Backdrop for Your "I Do" Moment

Prepare to have your breath taken away by our majestic, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, guaranteed to ignite the embers of love and captivate your guests with its mesmerizing charm! Picture the sheer intimacy, the comforting crackle of the fire, as you exchange vows bathed in its golden radiance. Even on the chilliest days, the warmth of the fire will reflect the fervent passion in your hearts. Imagine the gentle illumination casting a soft glow on the faces of your cherished guests as you step into this beautiful new chapter together. This is more than just a fireplace; it’s about kindling an everlasting bond.

No Rain Check Needed for Romance!

Whether the skies join your wedding with a symphony of droplets or bless you with sunshine, here at Bliss Barn, a seamless pivot to plan B is our promise! Gaze into each other’s eyes and exchange your vows in the cozy warmth of our grand fireplace – no flip-flopping rooms or last-minute chaos necessary. You’re free to make the call between indoor elegance or open-air ‘I do’s, with just 60 minutes’ notice before you walk down the aisle. Bliss Barn has got your back come rain or come shine!

XXXX+ Signature Décor & Floral Pieces Collection …. Included

A Barn Reception That's Epic in Size and Spirit, with Endless Dancing for All 350 of Your Guests

Rustic Charm Meets Romance – Your Reception Essentials Await ...

No need to fret over tables for your grand feast because we’ve got you completely covered!

Picture this: magnificent farmhouse tables, crafted with care and ready to hold your dearest friends and family as they dine and toast to your happiness. And for the two of you? A sweetheart table that’s the centerpiece of your love, where you’ll share your first meal as a married duo. 

It’s like something out of a romance novel, right? And yes, you guessed it – it’s all included!  No extra hassle, no hidden fees. Just pure, charming delight awaiting your special day!

Savor the flavor without breaking the bank

Cost-effective catering choices you and your guests will love ...

Ready To Begin Your Forever Story at Bliss Barn?

We'll craft every detail custom to your love story ...

So come, envision your day with us at Bliss Barn, where every detail is woven with care and every moment shines with the possibility of “happily ever after.” Let’s make your wedding not just a day but the delightful beginning of everything that’s yet to come. Choose Bliss Barn, where every moment is cherished, and your love story becomes a part of our legacy.

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