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From the nitty-gritty of logistics at Bliss Barn to the sparkle of the final touches, we’ll guide you through crafting a wedding day that’s as dazzling as your love story. If got additional burning questions, we’ve got the answers you need to put your mind at ease! Dive into the details of our wedding planning process and more, where every step is taken with your vision in heart.


Ready to explore our meticulous processes and discover things you might not have thought to ask? Take a peek below and discover all the common questions and answers.


Explore the details below regarding popular catering and food venue questions so you can impress and inform your cherished guests on your special day.


Curious about the Bliss Barn venue policies regarding fireworks, vehicles and parking policies, or music curfews? We’ve got all the details to make sure you are in the know! 

Setup and day-of event

Check out the one-of-a-kind questions below so you can prepare, set up, and reveal your wedding like the Queen, King, or Mystic that you are! Dive headfirst into the celebration of your dream wedding made reality with all the insider info at your fingertips.

General questions

Ready to explore our meticulous processes and discover things you might not have thought to ask? We have all the answers below. 

Our Bliss Barn isn’t just a venue; it’s the enchanting backdrop of your love story! The rental fee we’ve lovingly put together includes an array of features to make your day effortless and exquisite. Check out our investment page here for a full breakdown of pricing and inclusions.

Whether your wedding setting is indoors or outdoors, Bliss Barn can comfortably accommodate 350 of your loved ones, special guests, and tribe. This includes your bridal party as part of the lovely headcount.

We are in the process of building the whimsical Bliss Barn and targeting to open our gates to weddings in the early summer of 2025. Feel free to reach out here and chat about your dates, wedding day ideas, and more!

With just a pen flourish on our contract, and a 50% deposit, we’ll reserve your date so that no one else can snatch it up!

As we twirl closer to your wedding day – a mere 45 days before your event, the remaining 50% of the balance will be due, setting the stage for all the magic we’ve planned together.

In addition to the payments listed above, we’ll request that you keep a card on file for any just-in-case mishaps or oopsies at the Bliss Barn.

And heads up, taxes will add a small extra to each payment because even tax collectors celebrate love!

If you’d like to experience more bliss within your wedding countdown, you are welcome to sprinkle in additional payments whenever the moment strikes you. Consider it your personalized payment plan if you will, totally on your terms.

If you or your loved ones opt to send in extra payments via a check, be sure to include the last names of the couple, and the wedding date in the memo line.

Oh, and don’t forget, a tiny slice for taxes will top up each payment – because even tax folks toast to your romance!

If you’re all set to claim your perfect date, visit our contact page and fill out the details.

We’ll have a quick chat and when you say, “Yes!” we’ll check to make sure your date is ready for your love story to unfold.

And because we’re all about Plan A (and a rock-solid Plan B), be sure to include a backup date, so you’re doubly sure the Bliss Barn will be the backdrop of your love story!

And here’s the scoop: snagging your date is a cinch on a first-come, first-served basis. The moment you tell us by email “Hey, we want our wedding at Bliss Barn!” we will have you on our list. A signed contract and the initial booking fee is required to make the date yours so we recommend fast actions when reaching out and following up with all communications.

For the privacy of other couples who may have their wedding at the Bliss Barn, we request that you schedule an appointment to visit our venue. You can connect with our team here and coordinate dates and times for a tour of Bliss Barn.

Every wedding vision is as unique as the couple who are deciding to live happily ever after. On average, couples invest $15,000-$18,000 to bring to life everything from the “I DOs” to the dance floor dazzle!

Tight on budget? No problem! We’ve witnessed wonders woven with $12,000 – $15,000 too.

But hey, if you’re looking to lavish a little more love—and dough—on your day, we’re all for making it extra extraordinary!

At Bliss Barn, we’re excited to tell you that there is a simple 10% catering fee, and there’s absolutely no guest count or food and beverage minimum. Yep, you heard it right – no sneaky costs or commissions here! We proudly skip the standard 10-15% caterer commission so you can dine and drink within your budget, be it lavish or limited. Your culinary wishes call the shots, whether you aim for elegance or affordability. Caterers might set sensible minimums for certain dates, but we’re all about giving you the freedom to celebrate your love, your way! 

The short answer is, “Yes!” and here’s why! At Bliss Barn, we only team up with the crème de la crème of caterers, those foodie heroes who are just as pumped about food and your wedding as we are!

Here’s the best part: you won’t hear any of those cringe-worthy phrases like “that’s not what they paid for,” because our catering partners are in it for the love of the feast, you know, those foods that create sounds that should only be shared behind closed doors!

So, imagine this: you’re there, basking in the happiest glow, surrounded by your favorite people, and every bite taken is a little bite of heaven – that’s the Bliss Barn promise.

Because when it comes to celebrating your monumental day, we’re all in on making sure each morsel and moment is nothing short of spectacular!

At Bliss Barn, your big day gets the spotlight – no double bookings, no divided attention, just a full on, all-about-your love story celebration. It’s your exclusive wedding bash, making sure your “I do” moment is as undivided and unique as your love story!

Yes, we offer parking at the Bliss Barn! And, our lot is like the stretch limo of parking spaces – roomy enough for a whopping 250 vehicles! (more if you are willing to park on our pastures with permission, of course!)

This means, your guests don’t have to do the dreaded parking shuffle unless they want to tag along with others by choice. 

Absolutely, YES! At Bliss Barn, we love the look of straight and round tables blended together! Whether you want a traditional straight table layout, all round tables, or a mosaic of both, we can help ensure you have just what makes your heart soar!

Our vision for decor is teeming with possibilities yet to be unveiled. While our creative tapestry is still under imaginative construction, rest assured that the enchantment of Bliss Barn will be accentuated with thoughtful and stunning decor in due time. The extent of this magical transformation is currently being woven in the fabric of our dreams, promising to bring an added layer of whimsy and elegance to your special day.

Should those “lucky” rain clouds roll in by surprise, no worries at all! At Bliss Barn, we have a gorgeous indoor alternative with our rustic Bliss Barn fireplace setting the scene. Your guests can stay comfortably seated while we swiftly rearrange a few tables to unveil a charming aisle. Our couples rave about it, and you’ll see why — it’s not only a picture-perfect ceremony spot but also dodges the hassle of room flipping, keeping your celebration flowing smoothly and splendidly.

Your big day should sparkle with the full Bliss Barn enchantment, no matter where you decide to say your ‘I dos’ — be it on our grounds or somewhere else that holds your heart. We’re all about dedication, and that means pouring our passion into your wedding day experience consistently and wholeheartedly. Opt for an off-site ceremony or celebrate every moment with us; our commitment stands firm, and our rental fee? It stays the same. Because for us at Bliss Barn, it’s about holding the space and making your day unforgettable, wherever you choose to celebrate!

Paws for applause because, yes, we’re dog-friendly for all ceremonies here at Bliss Barn! We just need you to get a green light from Lindsey ahead of time.

To ensure their attendance is as joyful for them as it is for you, we ask that they be part of the ceremony only and leave immediately after. The vibrant energy and sounds of celebration that follow might be overwhelming for their sensitive natures. Please understand this gentle request comes from a place of profound care, love, and consideration for their comfort and happiness.

Just keep in mind that for everyone’s safety and comfort, we ask that pets steer clear of all indoor areas and especially food zones.

Also, make sure your pooch is leashed and has a dedicated buddy to look after them — someone who isn’t part of the wedding couple, so you both can enjoy your big day to the fullest!

At Bliss Barn, the gateway to your dream wedding swings open with the simple wave of a check, a swipe of a credit card, or the classic charm of cash! Choose the option that makes your heart sing and let’s set the stage for the big day you’ve always imagined!

At Bliss Barn, our calendar is as lively as our wedding festivities! We don’t hold a waitlist—instead, any open dates are immediately communicated to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to snag their perfect day! Keep your ears open, eyes peeled and be ready to leap into action!

Your wedding paradise at Bliss Barn gets its sprinkle of fairy dust exactly when our contract says the magic begins! It’s all about perfect timing to make sure that when your guests swing by, they’re swept off their feet by the spectacular setup! So, keep your eagle eyes on that special timing we’ve pinned down, and from there, you’re the maestro of enchantment!

The clarity of this question is like a ray of sunshine piercing through the clouds! We get it, comparing venues and what is included can feel like a tangle of apples and oranges! 

Here’s the honest-to-goodness scoop: we don’t quite wave the “day-of wedding coordinator” banner. Why, you ask? It’s simple! Because while we value clarity above all, this type of title can be a kaleidoscope of meanings and expectations. We’re the experts at transforming your special day into a storybook scene, without any confusion or mixed signals! That said, we’ve got your back! 

From the moment your heels or wheels grace our grounds, our spirited team leader is by your side – a cheerleader and champion for your love story’s climax! They are the makers of whimsy: aiding in adornments, orchestrating the symphony of service providers, and ensuring the Bliss Barn is truly celebrating your love. 

Overall, the mission of every Bliss Barn team member is to ease your mind, elevate the joy, and etch your nuptials into a seamless narrative of love, laughter, and lifelong memories. So rest easy, for with us, a stress-free celebration isn’t just a wish upon a star—it’s a promise.

Catering questions

Explore the details below regarding popular catering questions so you can impress and inform your cherished guests on your special day.

Culinary cupids in the form of celestial caterers are soon to be revealed at Bliss Barn! We totally get it; food isn’t just sustenance, it’s the universal love language, weaving together tales of flavor and fellowship. So, we’re in the midst of summoning the most star-kissed, soul-stirring caterers to be part of your wedding day narrative.

Hang tight, soon you’ll be star-gazing at a constellation of culinary craftspeople whose dishes speak to the heart, making your taste buds do a happy dance.

Imagine tying the knot surrounded by loved ones, laughter echoing under the stars as glasses clink in a toast to your future. Now, imagine doing all this without the cloud of a hefty bill looming overhead. At Bliss Barn, we’re elated to share that a dreamy open bar and a feast for 150 to 175 guests can indeed be a blissful average under $5,000!

Our selection of caterers offers sumptuous options that cater not only to your taste buds but also to your budget. The cherry on top? The average bar bill for 150 guests at Bliss Barn is typically between $1,500 and $2,000 – which includes the finest of spirits and the full service of two bartenders, delivery, setup, insurance, and of course, the alcohol itself.

Trust us, luxe doesn’t always have to mean exorbitant. So, raise your glass to a celebration that’s as economically savvy as it is enchanting!

In the sparkling dance of wedding planning, connecting directly with the caterer is like finding the perfect rhythm—it’s just the most efficient and cost-effective step to take! Once you’ve set your hearts on Bliss Barn for your memorable day, reach out to your chosen culinary artists who are partners with us to whet your appetite with a tasting and set things in motion for your wedding day. All the delectable details and contact info? They’re coming soon!

Planning questions

Curious about our fantastic policies regarding fireworks? Would you like to know our vehicles and parking policies, or are you interested in our music curfews and more? Either case, take a look below to brush up on our details.

We are in the building process of the gorgeous Bliss Barn and expected to open our gates early summer of 2025. Once everything is finalized we will host our first open house and then offer consistent tours. If you have questions you’d like answered before our first open house or tour, feel free to contact us here.

For Friday wedding celebrations, we’ve found that a 5:00 pm kick-off sets the stage for an evening brimming with delight! Opting for a Saturday soiree? Anytime between 4:00 and 5:00 pm is prime time for magic-making wedding ceremonies. It’s best to begin the ceremony at 4:00 pm to capture the perfect Nebraska afternoon glow. If you’re planning to exchange vows when the days grow short and the nights arrive early, let’s chat as we have some tips on the perfect timing to capture Nebraska! Especially if your heart is set on that golden hour glow or a sunset ceremony without a first look, we’re here to help tailor the timeline to the perfect hue of happily-ever-after.

Get this – our stunning Bliss Barn stretches out 8,500 square feet of pure, unadulterated joy, just waiting to be filled with the laughter and love of your nearest and dearest. So invite everyone who makes your heart sing; there’s room to spare in our lovely slice of heaven!

Regarding your question about the furniture layout, we’re all about making the magic happen your way for the big day, so don’t worry about the details for now! We’ll personally contact you to ensure your layout is just as you envisioned!

Choosing our one-day rental option means the venue might host another joyous wedding the evening prior. Hence, we recommend scheduling rehearsals at an alternative location.

Don’t forget, we warmly invite not just you but also your significant players — like your DJ, officiant, or the adorable kiddos in the wedding party — to explore and understand the space during our monthly open houses (coming soon!). It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to familiarize themselves and get cozy with the place where your “I dos” will become unforgettable!

Hey starry-eyed dreamers, while we’d love to fill the sky with a kaleidoscope of sparkles reflecting your joy, we’re all about harmony at Bliss Barn. Keeping the evening serene for our neighbors and ensuring the safety of our guests means that fireworks and sparklers wave a fond farewell. But fret not, lovelies! Our radiant atmosphere is naturally lit with the effervescent glow of festivity and love. Imagine the heartwarming essence of your union, shimmering bright enough to outshine any firework display. Trust us, your special day will dazzle with an unspoken sparkle that’s all about cherishing moments and creating memories!

Although we wish we could offer a car sleepover, we’ve got to keep our grounds safe and our gates locked tight at the stroke of midnight. So, if you’re planning to dance the night away with us, make sure to move your vehicles before the clock chimes twelve!

Please note, we take this very seriously as another couple more than likely has the next day booked for their wedding. All vehicles left on property after the gates have been locked will be towed promptly. Owner of the vehicle will incur the towing/pickup fee. 

We totally get that you might have some extra special touches coming in to make your wedding day at Bliss Barn absolutely unforgettable. But let’s chat logistics so we’re all on the same merry-go-round! As we are a buzzing wedding venue with gates that keep our property safe and peaceful, all deliveries and pick-ups need to happen during the time you’ve booked with us. Just give your rental pals a heads-up!

At Bliss Barn, your flickering flame candles can certainly set the mood – just be sure those bright beauties are snuggled safely within a holder! While we’re all about that amber glow, keepin’ it contained means we’re keeping it safe. So let’s skip the tapers and avoid airborne lanterns, shall we? Trust us, your candlelit moments will be all the more magical knowing we’re cozy, secure, and ready to celebrate without a worry in the world!

Squeezing in that ninth chair might feel like the ultimate game of Tetris, but it’s doable – especially if your extra buddy is of the pixie-sized variety! But here’s the scoop: while we’re all about big laughs and close-knit vibes, we also want your guests to be comfy enough to bust a move or two after dinner. So, for a truly cozy wedding gathering, we suggest sticking to the magic number eight per table. Comfort is key for a night to remember!
How about this for easy-peasy planning – give us your final number of fabulous wedding guests three weeks before your big day so we can ensure seats are aplenty and the vibes are soaring sky-high.

Getting a marriage license is like grabbing the golden ticket to your happily ever after at Bliss Barn. Good news, you lovebirds can get your license at any county in Nebraska – just double-check in case they’ve shuffled the rules (you know how it goes!).

Want to snag your license in a specific county? Fly on over to an online search for the government center of your choice.

Once you have the location selected, you’ll want to swoop into the building, check the list of directories to find the ‘Recorder of Deeds’ office. They can help you from there!

Just a reminder, both you and your sweetheart need to visit together – it’s a duo adventure! Remember to bring along your driver’s licenses, know your social security numbers, and you might also want to take your birth certificates as they sometimes are for those as well.

Setup and day-of event questions

Check out the questions below so you can prep and set up your big event like the Queen, King, or Mystic that you are!

The simple answer is no. At Bliss Barn, our passion is curating the most delightful and scrumptious dining experience for you and your guests. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the crème de la crème of local vendors who are wizards in the kitchen, whipping up wonders that’ll make your taste buds sing! At this time, we lovingly request that all treats and sips are sourced directly through our fabulous partners. Why? Because we want to ensure every nibble and sip is as perfect as your love story. Trust us, leaving the food to our top-notch team means you’ll get to focus on the fun, without any fuss!

As your unforgettable day at Bliss Barn comes to an end, we kindly ask that you collect your personal belongings and decorations.

Rest assured, our efficient cleaning crew will ensure the venue returns to its immaculate state, seamlessly tidying up tables and disposing of trash as the final melodies of the night gently fade away.

For the safety and harmony of our rustic ambiance, we must kindly limit the roaming of guests across our farm grounds. With hay cultivated in various sections and plans to introduce farm animals, unrestricted exploration could disrupt our environment’s serenity and natural order. However, we’re excited to share that we are looking into offering a charming hay rack ride as a unique feature of your experience at Bliss Barn. This delightful ride will pause at designated spots, allowing you and your guests to disembark for memorable photo opportunities. Weather permitting, these picturesque locations, conveniently situated within a short stroll from the venue, promise to provide the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of your special day.

In our commitment to maintaining the elegant and untouched beauty of the Bliss Barn, we kindly request that guests refrain from affixing decorations or any other items to the walls or surfaces using nails, tape, or other similar methods. This gentle reminder is put forth with the hope of avoiding any unnecessary damage fees, as we prefer to preserve the venue’s pristine condition without imposing additional charges for restoration to its original state.

Your enchanting escapade awaits at Bliss Barn

Begin your forever with full-hearted support ...

Get ready to embark on the enchanting escapade of a lifetime—because, at Bliss Barn, your happy endings start with our full-hearted support! From those essential logistics to the glittering garnishments, we’ve got you covered with the expertise only true love for weddings can bring.

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