Deep Healing Retreats at Sherwood Forest: A Sacred Journey Within

8/23/24 - 8/25/24: Accepting Signups Now

Secure Your Sanctuary at an Exclusive Rate: $555* for our first Retreat

We’re thrilled to mark the debut of our first Deep Healing Retreat at Sherwood Forest with this special offer — a thoughtfully tailored rate for our first retreat guests. Please note that this enchanting first experience is divinely priced, with future retreats returning to the standard rate.

Disclaimer: A full refund will be provided if your cancellation notice is received within 45 days of the event date.

*The retreat price is per person and does not include hotel/lodging or travel accommodations.

In a world that seems to spin faster with each passing day, where we are constantly bombarded by the chaos of existence, the need for a tranquil, safe space to heal and rediscover ourselves has become a necessity, not a luxury. Deep Healing Retreats at Sherwood Forest are offered in our sacred sanctuary, surrounded only by nature. No cars, no streets, no noise, other than the beautiful sights and sounds of Mother Nature herself. The Sanctuary is truly extraordinary.

For those who have experienced trauma, spiritual seekers, light workers, love warriors, or the beautiful human who KNOWS there is more to life than constant chaos, these retreats are more than just a temporary escape. Each retreat is a gateway to a deeper understanding of yourself and the Universe. We will arm you with the spiritual tools you need to help yourself every single day, during and after the retreat.

The foundation of every retreat begins with the spirit of love and acceptance. People from all over the world are welcomed into a community that Hammi and Megan, with Mama Moon Rocks™, have created, to bring a sense of BELONGING and ACCEPTANCE, completely devoid of judgment of any kind. Retreat participants, instead, find themselves in a place of peace, and are honored and celebrated, just for being themselves, some for the first time ever.

The Deep Healing Retreats at Sherwood Forest will be facilitating deep healing mediations, crystal healing, sound healing, animal communication, as well as teaching you ways to open portals, how to tap into your guides and higher self, as well as psychic development, chakra healing and much, much more. In the future, as the Animals at the sanctuary come to us and are healed, you will be allowed to heal WITH the animals if you wish, hugging the animals and just being in their presence is VERY healing, as all of the animals have been extremely traumatized before they come to us for healing and have found love, peace and sanctuary once again and will show you that healing is very possible.

The Ascension to a Higher State of Being

The ultimate goal of Deep Healing Retreats at Sherwood Forest is the ascension – the elevation to a higher state of being that is achievable for you right now. Feeling better in your own skin, every single day. Being centered. The healing that takes place in the retreats is truly a beautiful thing to witness. It strengthens the whole collective.

If you’re feeling called to join us for our 8/23/24 – 8/25/24 retreat, A Sacred Journey Within, please fill out the form below. Hammi will get in touch with you personally. It’s the first step on a beautiful journey we’re so excited to share with you.

The Future Home of the Sherwood Forest Animal Sanctuary

The spiritual retreats at the Bliss Barn are set in the beautiful location of The Sherwood Forest Animal Sanctuary. The soft rolling hills with beautiful grasses provide so much beauty, privacy and seclusion. The trees call to your heart and take away your stress. The beautiful creeks and 3 acre pond surrounded by beautiful flowering trees and the sounds of the birds are just incredible. We can’t wait to have you!

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