About Bliss Barn ...

Everything at Bliss Barn is a labor of love

We are here to transform your dream wedding into reality ...

Bliss Barn is the venue where love blossoms as uniquely as it does in each love story, where the magic of your romance is mirrored in every detail, from the bespoke décor to the exquisite menu offerings. Beyond mere promises, at Bliss Barn, we master our love language of making your dream wedding come to life!

Our promise to you

Your special day deserves nothing less than the absolute best ...

At our wedding venue, soon-to-be newlyweds can expect nothing short of a remarkable experience for their special day! From the moment you step foot in our enchanting venue, we will go above and beyond to ensure every detail is meticulously planned and executed excellently. 

Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand and bring your vision to life, offering personalized décor options that reflect your unique style and love story. Whether you dream of a romantic garden setting, a chic and modern ambiance, or a country-style affair, we are here to make it happen. 

Let’s embark on this adventure together and make those dream wedding visions come alive!

Meet the Bliss Barn team

Say Hello to our whimsical team at Bliss Barn ...

Each soul is here to ensure the enchanting Bliss Barn venue is perfect for your big day! Whether it’s a Midwest shindig, a traditional wedding-style affair, or a unique vision representing you and your love to the T, our team of friendly, extremely creative, and elegantly helpful souls are here to create the magic necessary to make your special day an extraordinary experience!

Meet Lindsey

Our passionate whiz behind the scenes is ready to make your wedding dreams soar! From orchestrating your events to ensuring that every “I do” moment is perfect and celebrated, Lindsey’s your go-to gal for all things blissful and beautiful at our venue. With a heart full of magic and a head teeming with innovative, dreamy ideas, she’s more than just an operations pro—she’s the artist who’ll turn your wedding vision into stunning reality.

Ready to turn your big day into a dream-come-true wedding? We are ready to bring your love story to life!

Tammy with Bliss Barn

Meet Hammi

Our inspiring soul, the spirit, the spectacular energy conduit behind Bliss Barn!

As the eternal optimist and our nurturing founder, she’s not just the master manifester of this operation; she’s the heartbeat, the pulse, the electrifying force that turns the ‘impossible‘ into ‘I’m possible.‘

With Tammy, each day is a new canvas for dream weaving and heartfelt strategizing that births enchanting places like the Bliss Barn and the magical Mama Moon Rocks, with a galaxy of new wonders just over the horizon.

Together we will orchestrate a symphony of love, the grandest celebration at Bliss Barn

Imagine a wedding that reflects who you are as a couple; whether it’s that inside joke that always makes you both laugh, or the song that never fails to get you both dancing, we’re here to weave that magic into your celebration. Your dreams set the stage, and we bring our expertise to the table to make it happen – with a whole lot of heart and excitement!

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